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Stepford Wife Street

Just watched “Altman.” A surprisingly good documentary about Robert Altman on Hulu, where I spend most of my life watching late night talk shows to pass my 50s.

And I realized, when it was over and had affected me like a good film will, that I live on a Stepford Wife Street, in a Tornado Alley (and not just metaphorically), in a life I don’t remember heading toward, and I don’t remember who I am. But it made me want to be reminded.



An old Adam Scott movie

Watched “Passenger Side,” a “staff pick” on Hulu. It’s an old indie Adam Scott (“Parks and Rec”) movie.
It has a very pre-app/social network/cell phone feel. I didn’t realize how much I miss the quiet and slowness of human stillness and the non-electronic movement of bodies and information.

Passenger Side

Passenger Side


Actors Are Not Pens

Topping Haggerty as MarthaYou put words on paper, they are your words.  You put words in actor’s mouths, they are not yours anymore, if you’re smart.

pictured: Topping Haggerty www.toppinghaggerty.com