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Married a Little – MFA in writing Week 1

Here’s what I am reading out loud at the MFA residency workshop today.

FYI – I am changing from fiction to non-fiction as a concentration. Those kids are way cooler. Also, this all really happened.


My first wedding was performed by my college biology professor. He talked about how we were the result of millions of years of evolution, because I wouldn’t let him talk about God for some reason I can’t remember – I have a pretty big bug up my ass about God, I think. But mostly I remember the daggers shooting at me from the women who loathed me for breaking up the Jan and Andy house of fun for single women, and the video record of the ceremony that was mostly shots of the sky, taken by Andy, my husband’s best friend who was annoyed I hadn’t married him. But it was very much a first come first served situation.

Funny thing is, the woman Andy ended up marrying, turned out to be a lesbian. Our money was on me, but it didn’t go that way. At least not yet.



Susannah Raulino



Actors Are Not Pens

Topping Haggerty as MarthaYou put words on paper, they are your words.  You put words in actor’s mouths, they are not yours anymore, if you’re smart.

pictured: Topping Haggerty www.toppinghaggerty.com


In improv as in life

I realized that my list of things to remember before going on stage in an improv show can pretty much translate to any form of writing, and actually to life if you use the word “character” to mean your own character, rather than a fictional one (I just realized that is the same word with two meanings. I’m a little slow).


1. Yes, to the details in your mind.

2. Yes, to wherever you are led.

3. Yes, to the silence and enjoyment in it.

4. Yes, to the subtlety and little things.

5. Yes, to your character and urges from within.

6. Yes, to fun and good times.

7. Yes, you can relax and play.

Do you have any advice you give yourself for acting, writing, creating, or living?