SUSANNAH RAULINO writer, director, producer        Austin, TX 78704
Celebrating the creativity and craft of writing, directing and acting



“I Cake Up with You” video short 7 min. 20 sec., Austin, TX 2013

“It’s Damselfly: Everything You Never Knew You Wanted in Your Pocket”  Improvised video short 21 min., Austin, TX  2011

”Kiss L.A. Good-bye”      video, 8 min.     aired Ch. 77, Seattle, WA & IFILM

“Dog Soup”                           video, 12 min.  aired Ch. 77, Seattle, WA & IFILM

“After the Tone”             16mm film, 15 min. screened SIFF  ’97 (prod/writer)

“Twelfth Night”              (excerpt) video. 12, min.  aired Ch. 23, Seattle, WA

“Growing Up a Sap”     8mm film & video, 6 min.  Curson Armchair Fest, L.A.



“NWPA Concert at Alki Beach”  Video, 1 hour   Seattle gov’t cable channel

“Angela’s Asses”               Video, 12 min.           (also director, editor)

“Lullabies and Dreams” Video, 8 min.  screened East Swiss Filmmaker Forum

“Crisis Beds”                      Video, 30 min.                 aired Ch. 23, Seattle, WA

“L.A.M.P.”                        16mm film, 11 min.   aired Ch. 3 Santa Monica, CA      (also director, editor)



“In the Movies”             talk show, 30 min.        aired Ch. 23, Seattle, WA

“Your Own Backyard”   talk show, 30 min.      aired Ch. 3, Santa Monica, CA


“Critter Valley”                                   animated family comedy          104 pages, feature

“Warm Sand”                                      drama                                            115 pages, feature

“The Fine Print”                                 drama/comedy                           102 pages, feature

“The Tapestry Club”                          drama/comedy                           110 pages, feature

“First Days of Summer”                    drama/comedy                          122 pages, feature

“Emerelda”                                           comedy                                         94 pages, feature

“Time, Place and Fellow Traveler”  romantic comedy                     128 pages, feature

“The Sky is Falling”                            comedy                                         89 pages, feature

“Kate Can’t Dance”                            romantic comedy                        91 pages, feature

“Lost Dog”                                           drama                                            86 pages, feature

“Little White Lies”                             docu-drama                                 92 pages, feature

“A Tale of Lilies”                                romantic comedy      46 page treatment, feature

“I Cake Up with You”                        comedy improv                                  4 pages, short

“Not My Peer Gynt”                          comedy                                               8 pages, short

“Photography”                                   drama                                                  5 pages, short   

“Ferry Beach”                                    drama/comedy                                21 pages, short

“King of the Road”                           dark comedy                                    53 pages, short

“If It’s Tuesday…”                            drama                                                18 pages, short


“The Clouds: Triptych Croquet”    a modern Greek comedy                  One Act Play

“Piece of Our Minds”                       social and political satire          Performance Art


performing at   Coldtowne Theater,  Salvage Vanguard Theater, and  The Hideout Theatre in Austin, TX

  • “DA Foundry” 2011-present
  • “Wine Smugglers” 2012-present
  • “Umami” 2011-2012
  • “Dancy Street D’Orchestra” 2010-11


“South of Tennessee” improvised Tennessee Williams, performed at Frontera Fest 2012 (Short Fringe), Austin, TX (also performer)

“Akimbo Bubble Scuttle Ruckus’  a play of short plays, performed at Frontera Fest 2012 (Long Fringe), Austin, TX  (also performer)

“Cantaloupe Assassins”  improv comedy, performed at Texas State Hospital, Austin, TX  (also performer)

“The Clouds: A Modern Greek Comedy original one act play,                          performed at The New City Playwrights’ Festival,  Seattle, WA                              (also writer/director)

“Peace of Our Minds” performance art, performed at Highways, Santa Monica CA  (also writer/performer)


Improv Comedy & Sketch  7 years   Merlin Works,  Coldtowne Theater,  The Institution Theater  (all Austin, TX)

Acting & Directing  2 yrs   John Jacobsen, Actor’s Lab, Seattle, WA

Alexander Technique  1 yr+   David Mills, Performance School, Seattle, WA

Acting, theater, & film analysis  U.C.L.A. & U.C.L.A. Extension

Film Production  B.A. Cinema, Columbia College, Hollywood

Additional Skills: Teaching creative writing, hatha yoga, and meditation classes and workshops.  Leading groups in vision quest ceremonies and shamanic journeying.


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