BOOK COVER front coverI wrote the book IT WRITES ITSELF: A TRAVEL GUIDE TO WRITING FICTION to share the discoveries I had found that made writing as fun and easy for me as reading with a pen.  I found (after several years of writing) that the worlds were there waiting for me, and I became a tourist in the worlds of fiction I was creating.  My hope is that other people can share in these experiences, find writing becomes and adventure, and discover even more tools to increase the ease and joy in writing fiction.  – more at



“I really enjoyed the easy and uplifting prose of this instructional book. I found it to be a pleasant read with many great ideas that I will actually try to use when exploring the writer within me.  On a scale of 1-4, I give this book a 4. It is a highly user friendly book with pertinent and realistic information.” – Soap Box Mind


“The conversational tone of IT WRITES ITSELF makes it easy to become absorbed into the words on the page and the exercises throughout the book. I felt as though I was engaged with a classroom full of peers as I embarked on a journey of discovering my true identity as a writer. While I have a background in Journalism, this book challenged my creative side and made me want to pick up a pen and start writing!”  – Karen Meade – Editor, Web Designer

Book can be purchased for $9.98 at

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