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Susannah RaulinoSusannah Raulino has been writing, producing, directing and acting for over 25 years and has studied film, video, and theater in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Austin.

She has written a dozen screenplays, and her projects have screened on cable television and in national and international film festivals.

Susannah currently teaches workshops in Creativity, Writing, Singing Improv and Yoga through her new company Create à Gogo and through  UT Informal Classes.  

In 2010, Susannah published her book It Writes Itself: A Travel Guide to Writing Fiction.

Making her home in Austin, Texas since 2005, she has studied improv comedy at Merlin-Works Institute for Improvisation, Coldtowne Theater, The Hideout Theatre and The Institution Theater.  Susannah currently  creates theater, improvised theater, music, and film in Austin, Texas.

She like miniature golf, odd people, and stinky cheese.

For info and updates please visit:  

3 responses to “BIO

  1. Hi Susannah

    thanks for the link love. I will tell you that I don’t reject clients if they don’t like my sense of humor – it’s more that if we don’t laugh with one another I’m not going to be the right fit for them. I’ve really realized that one of the biggest gifts you can give your clients is to be yourself and part of me is laughter, and frankly a vast amount of uncoordination :>), so it’s more that we have to laugh together!

    By the way your blog looks great and I admire what you’re doing in comedy! That is wonderful.


  2. Hi Susannah! I have your book, it was sent to me for a review. But I can’t find the submission email, so I don’t know who sent it to me and who I should send the review to!
    Helo 🙂
    BTW – I LOVED it! I think your book helped me more as a writer than some (expensive) classes I’ve taken!
    I would love to have you on my show, Page Readers, in December to discuss it.
    email me! thanks

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