Not what you were expecting

Unexpected Toad Stools

Unexpected Toad Stools

A lot of things lately I have begun to accept as the way things turned out in my life. They are things. Though they are not what I was expecting. I was expecting a nuclear family, in fact tossed away a disjointed one under the assumption a balanced June Cleaver one would show up. One where our biggest issue of the day would be “will the Beaver eat his broccoli?” No such simplicity has evolved. In fact things have grown complicated, stressful, scattered, but looking around I recently noticed, more full of love than I expected.

You can have 2.5 regular children who move away, and you know really move away. You can have a marriage that is comfortable. I am not comfortable, but I noticed lately that I am very loved. Much more than I expected to be by the balanced Beaver clan even. Maybe I just need to give that love back and Not What I Was Expecting will be enough.

Unexpected Sunflower

Unexpected Sunflower


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