Mood Swings – MFA program in Creative Writing/T minus 7 weeks

The gal at the food co-op attributed her mood swings this week to the weather. The lightning storm cleared out her bad mood, she said. Then I realized it had mine too. After being up in arms at everyone and everything that had seemed innocuous the week before, I had spent days in mental loops of arguments I would never have, and then was suddenly docile again after the storm. Or maybe it was my boss letting me buy window clings.

Then all the death notices started rolling in. Not anyone close to me, but pets and amazing people I peripherally knew who shouldn’t have died so young. New mood, wanting to cling to life, even let people get close to me. But at my first effort, I found everyone else in my life hadn’t had the same change of heart and that close feeling lasted five seconds and faded with distractions and ordinary conversation. Odd. How hard it is to change. Except for moods. Bless their hearts, they are always changing with the weather.



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