Inner Landscape

This was written by a student of mine in a Creativity Workshop recently. It reminds me of who I am, when I am in my heart and feeling alive. And it reminds me of why I teach creativity.

“She was also a quiet woman, like a landscape fixed onto a canvas, a landscape fixed in a single cloudy summer afternoon. Storms never came in, wind never blew, rain never fell, and rainbows never appeared. There was never sunrise or sunset. There was never snow or ice, there were never any blooming flowers of all sorts of colors, and there were never turning, fall leaves dropping and floating slowly to the ground. She was as quiet as that painting that was permanently fixed on a still, cloudy summer afternoon. She longed for stormy, dark clouds to sweep in and roar. She wanted to let the storm pour out of her and onto the canvas into the landscape and blow her perfectly painted trees and drown her perfectly grown grass. She longed for flowers to bloom and trees to grow new green leaves in the spring. For silent showers that would push away the permanent paint like a giggle that would grow into the sunny laughter that would bring the growth of spring, the fragrance of flowers, and the buzz of bees.”

A. S. Vergara
June 7, 2014
 Writing Prompt: Landscape

i-jmsx3zS-X3 CROP


Susannah Raulino

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