What are you?

Rescuing Hug

Rescuing Hug

Writing a book with my friend Vanessa, our first exercise was five minutes of automatic writing on this topic – What are you?  This is my response:

I am watching the world and waiting for the point where I can jump on, like that round – d – bout on the schoolyard playground.  I watch for a combination of space and slowness on the part of the world, and agility and oomph on my part.

I stand and watch and cry at what I see and laugh at the mistakes and mis-steps.  And I watch and wait.

I need touch, someone, somewhere, somehow.  Like I could die from it, from an absence of physical contact.  Just like those moments when I noticed a body on me in some friendly casual way and recorded the thought “Oh, God, how I need more of this.”

I am seen as a whole mess of other  things, but what I am is lonely, and missing the people in my life that are not here.

What are you?


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