failing in comedy, that’s just funny

about to fail cat

Watching SNL last night, I was reminded of Vince Vaughn‘s Wild West Show in Austin a few years ago.  They were video taping it for what one assumed was a Comedy Central special, or other cable deal, and well… things began to go wrong. I could see the dollar signs flashing before Vince’s eye’s (I call him Vince) like Scrooge McDuck, and I thought, “Oh, this is what my improv teacher, Shana,
means when she talks about failing gracefully. If he just kept his sense of humor, there’d be a theater full of people feeling a bit more comfortable right now.”

And this morning I realized, failing at something serious might be hard, but failing in comedy, that’s just funny. It’s win win, no matter what you do. I’ll stick with comedy, and fail regularly.

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