Your Heart Sells

Love Chimney

Love Chimney

I saw this in Christian Mihai’s blog and it bears repeating:

“In 1938 aspiring author Frances Turnbull sent a copy of one of her stories to Francis Scott Fitzgerald. In the feedback he offers her there’s one great piece of advice: ‘You’ve got to sell your heart, your strongest reactions, not the little minor things that only touch you lightly, the little experiences that you might tell at dinner. This is especially true when you begin to write, when you have not yet developed the tricks of interesting people on paper, when you have none of the technique which it takes time to learn. When, in short, you have only your emotions to sell.'”

People know when you are for real, speaking from your heart about something that matters, and they know when you are just putting words together and hoping for the best.  People want to connect to other humans through their stories.  In this case, I do agree with F. Scott.


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