Nut Up a pussy’s guide to writing fiction

acornsAfter a recent experience with one of my advanced students, I have decided my next book will be called, “Nut Up, a pussy’s guide to writing fiction.”

She was going to have an important scene take place in a dream, and the cause of an event be vague and unrelated to the main characters.  I was viscerally irritated and frustrated when listening, and I called her a pussy, rather involuntarily.  Another advanced student said, “Nut up.”

I then explained that audiences will want to see cause and effect, and know why things that affect the characters happen, and want to see the characters in difficult situations where they are challenged and changed, (in this case eating pigs brains raw after a pig gets hit by a car).

She took this feedback to heart and wrote three times as much as she ever had in a sitting, and was much more connected to the work and the voice of the narrator.  I can see I’ve been coddling too many for too long.  Nut up compadres, and just get it on the page.  The good, the bad, and the raw pig brain eating.

Oh, and that little voice that tells you you stink as a writer.  That’s probably always going to be there.  Just ignore it already, and write anyway.  You can only get to be a better writer one way, write.


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