Positivity vs Realism vs Balance

Have you ever noticed that the person who says “I’m just being honest” is usually being honest about something crappy? Some fault or flaw, which may be real, but did it really need pointing out? I’m starting a campaign to start noticing the good in people, the beauty, the talents, the kindnesses, and note them with the addendum “… I’m just being honest.”
“You are so thoughtful. I’m just being honest.”

That said, I have also noticed that there are friends of mine on the positivity train, and they refuse to stop to listen to any fact that doesn’t send them through the roof with joy, thereby ignoring facts that give them information about the path they are on and obstacles potentially in that path. And I’m starting to realize that ignoring trouble because it isn’t fully supporting you in getting where you are going, can leave you boxed in a corner, it may be a very upbeat corner, but it limits your movement none the less.
So, I’m starting another campaign to see positivity as calmly and with equanimity informing yourself of all the facts about what you are heading toward, good, bad and indifferent, and keeping a positive attitude about your ability to navigate the waters of your journey.  Instead of pretending that you are not heading toward rapids, preparing for the rapids, riding them, maybe even enjoying the challenge, but knowing you are in rapids and hanging on for dear life if need be so you make it to the other side. Listening only to people and facts that blindly support you and ignoring potential challenges can leave you laying back relaxing without a life jacket when you hit the muddy rolling waters and jagged rocks.
I am making a lot of changes in my life, and as I do these are my new goals: Be aware. Be hopeful. Be resourceful. And when crossing into any new venture, just as I would do crossing a street, stop, look and listen.

By the way – you are amazing.  I’m just being honest.

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