Self-publishing – the good, the bad, the really really bad

I self-published a paperback through CreateSpace, which is the company that works directly with It was easy, free (although I choose to spend $39.99 for some add on, but I think even that is free now too), and there were no high pressure sales pitches for the services. In fact I asked if I needed to pay for help formatting my book and got a very honest response that some people do pay and find it helpful and some people do it themselves. I ended up formatting the book myself. It took some time, but it was free. I mention all this because of the article I am reposting below. Evidently, not all self publishers are so ethical.  No, not at all.

From  David Gaughran‘s article about Penguin’s new acquisition: “What does Author Solutions bring to the table? Well, for starters, around $100m in annual revenue. Roughly two-thirds of that money comes from the sale of services to writers, and only one-third from the royalties generated by the sale of their books.” read on …

also here’s an important quote from a related article

“In short, if you price your book at $2.99 and sell it on Amazon through Book Country, you will only receive 49% royalties, instead of the 70% you would have received if you uploaded it yourself.”  more…

I am about to self-publish the kindle version of my book through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, and looking forward to the 70% royalties.  I’m just saying, writer beware.  There’s snake oil in any new industry.  Fortunately the internet calls out the carpetbaggers pretty quickly.

Your experiences?


4 responses to “Self-publishing – the good, the bad, the really really bad

  1. I just used KDP to publish my first novella called Other Side of Night. It was a great, easy experience. I’m working on another one now and will be publishing more through them.

  2. thanks for the info for us aspiring writers

  3. Thanks, Chris. Good to know I can look forward to another positive experience with publishing through amazon. As much as I like to shop locally, amazon does such a good job at what it does, and makes so many books widely available that currently couldn’t be any other way.

  4. Note that you will want to read this article before joining Amazon’s Kindle Select:

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