5 ways to cope with a bad review – a blog by Cristian Mihai

This is quoted from Cristian Mihai’s blog:



5 Ways to Cope with a Bad Review:

(I particularly love # 4)

“1. Sit down, count to three, relax, close your eyes. Think of something funny. Build a happy place inside your head where that bad person who gave you a one star review on Amazon can’t reach you.

2. Walk it off. Go for a stroll in the park. Take your dog with you. Don’t have one? Take your cat, your parrot, etc. Half an hour of aimless wandering can do miracles for your blood pressure.

3. Write a new story. Yeah, simple as that. Start something new, something better.

4. Go to the Amazon page of your favorite novel and read all the one star reviews that are there. Bad reviews are everywhere, and even a masterpiece has to have some really bad ones. No book has ever pleased everyone. As David Gaughran once said, great books tend to divide people.

5. Read your five star reviews. Read some fan mail.”

Any other suggestions?

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