Storming out


There’s been an inordinate amount of storming out by people around me lately – relationships, jobs, more relationships. Seems to be a good thing as far as I can see. Wiping many slates clean of things that don’t fit.  Still, as much as I almost stormed out myself on a few things this week, I’m putting off all final decisions on exits until this wave of exodus passes. I think want to exit because I’m running toward something wonderful, not storming away.


2 responses to “Storming out

  1. Well, you know, if I had teh quickness of wit to storm out with that unaswerable riposte, maybe I would….but I’m finding as i get older that a graceful exit, dignity all around in tact, works better. Mainly because I’m finding the smallness of the world, and that one’s foe today is sometimes and rather firghtenily often, the one you need to ahev at least a cordial relationship with, tomorrow. Hmmmm. Perhaps I am avocating less taking the higher moral ground, and more a act of pure cowardice?! Hah!

  2. Susannah Raulino

    Kindness is never cowardice! I say be graceful whenever the urge strikes you. I have found the same thing about keeping bridges maintained. You never know what direction you may want to head in next.

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