Light Bulbs

Even when every road I’d take was seeming to be a cul de sac or a dead end, I would think “it’s a big world and there must be opportunities I am not seeing.” Suddenly I am finding answers to the impossible problems of the past few years:

1. That health food store fabric softener sheet just doesn’t soften enough.        ANS: add another sheet.

2. My wrists hurt when doing yoga at the gym.                                                               ANS: Use that fat mat you have at home that’s too fat for you to use on your carpets.

3. I don’t understand how to make a business and marketing plan work.            ANS: Take one of those free classes at BIG AUSTIN you’ve been looking at. Audit a class on Marketing for Entrepreneurs with that professor you’ve worked along side for six years that seems to be really good with finance and business.

It is a big world, when there are light bulbs to see it.  Have any gone off for you lately?


3 responses to “Light Bulbs

  1. So simple but so true. Thank you, must look around for a few more switches myself.

  2. SO on the money, Susannah. It’s so easy – I know cos i do it with such facility!! :(( – to have these seemingly immutable obstacles disappear by simply moving the ‘facts’ in our lives to be options with a ‘what if’ alternative …

    Great post!

  3. Susannah Raulino

    Thanks to you both! “What if” – great simple reminder there are always options. 🙂 I’ll have to remember to use that phrase.

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