Rainn Wilson – A lot of soul

 Rainn Wilson‘s tweets, websites and behavior are so genuine, for me they represents the best of what humans can be.

I saw Rainn speak last March at SXSW and the first thing he did was note that it felt funny to be sitting in the chairs they had provided when most of the audience could really barely see him.  So he did the entire interview sitting on the top of the back of the chair, just to be with the audience in a way he could see them and they could see him, just to feel more together.  Who, nowadays, says what they are thinking, and does what they feel like doing?  You have to really trust yourself and your instincts, and be a fairly well balanced person to do that.  It might seem a minor thing, but I was impressed somehow.  Struck by the unusually human behavior.

Then I started following Rainn on twitter and found he uses the medium to tell me (and 3.4 million other people) about new ideas, world news, newly release indie films, discoveries, and to just make dry asides that make me smile.  And all this from an intelligent, informed, interesting point of view.

His website soulpancake prods readers to think, with questions like “How do you find a purpose for your life?” and “What was your first pet?  How did it effect your life?”  Somehow staying sharp and aware, and not veering off into the airy-fairy, readers share their thoughts and experiences in the Question Collective.

Rainn Wilson makes me believe it’s possible to be a very good human being.  And that makes me want to try even harder to be one.

(Rainn Wilson plays Dwight Schrute  on “The Office.“)

2 responses to “Rainn Wilson – A lot of soul

  1. Me too (want to be a good human being). And at least from what I can see from your blog, you certainly seem like one (she said, elliptically!)

    Loving the get up on the chair example. I think I would hesitate to be that spontaneous, which just makes me think, wtf, WHY? What on earth is holding that kind of small level spontaneity back? Perhaps not so small level, because it impressed others, you included. Something for me to consider…

    Interesting post as always Susannah, thank you.

  2. Susannah Raulino

    Yes, exactly – wtf, WHY? We should all be getting on chair backs. Why not?

    Thanks so much for your post!

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