A Kodak Moment

     I was climbing the stairs in a 1960s building at UT the other day and thinking, these walls and stairs and railings look so old. But, I’m old enough to remember when things from the 60s looked new, and I thought of all the people walking up the stairs 45 years ago thinking how stylish and great the building was then.

Then last Friday I was walking up the brand spanking new steel reinforced cable hand rail stairs that go forever, in the new chemistry building right next to the older building, and I thought about all the thoughts that students will be thinking as they climb those stairs 45 years from now – they will scoff at our new-fangled ideas of style from the old 2010s.
When you are young you look at people and think – “she’s old,” “he’s a baby,” “she’s really old.” But as you get older you realize, it’s all the same person in an ever changing vehicle. Everybody was young, and the lucky will eventually be old.  Same person, less brand spanking new stylish body, but they were all brand spanking new once, and people ooh’d and aah’d over them all.

Time is funny.

2 responses to “A Kodak Moment

  1. That picture is fabulous, Susannah. I ooh and ahh over the architecture and construction of things, and have been doing so recently here in Seattle, where there is so much bungalow type architecture, so unique to the USA, and aaa special feature of Seattle (and DC abnd a few other places. I think all ages think their time is modern, and then they think it’s old..and then, thank goodness, they start to appreciate the things of their times as something to preserve..and some of it is worth it. As you say, it moves in cycles…. nowt so queer as folks?!

  2. It is good to be reminded that the body is a vehicle. The spark is the same; it’s the exterior that changes. Lovely piece.

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