This week I finally sat down to think of ideas of how to apply the principles of It Writes Itself to acting and improv, and the ideas just flooded my lunch hour meditation.  I may not have paid much attention to the guided visualization to connect with my higher-self that was playing on my nano, but I definitely felt divinely inspired.  Or relieved, to finally be thinking about what I’ve been dabbling with the idea of for so long.  Decades actually.  I guess it’s not that surprising I had a few ideas about how to get actors into characters and worlds so vividly that they can just play there.  Oh, joy.  This is a class I will enjoy teaching, and participating in.

Now to test these theatrical experiments on my new improv troupe, Umami. Joining Umami has taught me that, if you don’t feel like you fit in, you just haven’t found the right situation for you yet.  I feel so at home improvising with these people, and up to now I have always felt a little like an alien outsider.  Or a lot like an alien outsider.  In fact my improv teacher Tom Booker referred to me only last week as being from “somewhere else.”  Well, now I’ve found some people from my home planet.  If you think you don’t fit in, maybe you just need to keep scrounging for like minded people too.  It’s such a nice feeling to fit in, especially creatively.


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