It’s so obvious

When my friend told me tonight that she was reluctant to submit her improv troupes to the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival because she’s so tired of rejections, it was easy to see just how silly that is.  I know how talented she is, and that rejection is just circumstances, not an actual cosmic evaluation of the quality of anything.  It was obvious that if she doesn’t try, she doesn’t even have a chance of succeeding.   Sure, as an outside observer, it’s easy to see.

And logically, I know I look just as silly, leaving my dreams in a pile in the closet.  Refusing to even put myself or my dreams out there, show them to anyone, start working on them again, just because so  many of the worlds I’ve written up to now sit unexplored, unmanifest, gathering dust.  Not everything has gone swimmingly, therefore give up.  Stop trying.  –  OK, I get it.  That may not be the most logical path to take.  Yeah, it’s looking sillier and sillier to give up on the present and the future, just because of  the past.

No matter how my guts churn, the next steps are becoming more and more obvious.  More and more unavoidable.  More and more necessary.

Watching someone behave exactly the way you are behaving is probably the easiest way to cure yourself of any irrational behavior.


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