And here’s what you just said…

I realized this week that a big part of what I’ve been doing in class is pointing out to people exactly what they are saying that they like to do, and exactly what they are saying they want to do.
It surprises me how resistant people sometimes are to hearing their own words.

I guess I should perhaps use the same techniques I use when directing actors, and help them hear their own good ideas more underhandedly – help them realize they have their own answers.  Being direct works in some cases, but other times the student will just go off on tangents and not really hear me.  Asking questions, is generally a better way to teach.  The students have to think of the answer themselves, and then hear the answers come out of their own mouths.  I need to remember that, and help lead people to their own answers, not hand them answers.  Most of the time that is the best method and the most lasting changes come from answers from within.

All in all the It Writes Itself Class has been very fun to teach this go round, and I have gotten great feedback about how I’ve stirred their brains up and bolstered confidence.  That’s what it’s about.  Getting writers to write.

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