SXSW film festival week

SXSW 2011

SXSW. Finally a week to do only things I enjoy.  Today will hopefully learn about all the emerging platforms for film and video.  It almost seems like Film is taking a back seat to Interactive this year.  I feel like the two areas are merging and diverging in weird ways.  There are old school film people who think it will never go away and people who have already moved on to a future of your TV being just another computer in your house, and movie theaters being a place to socialize and get drunk…

I don’t feel like it much matters, as long as there’s a place for people to see your films and videos, and a way for people to find them.  I do like the emotional impact of a big screen, but I also have a tendency to walk out of movie theaters at the slightest provocation.  It’s my life, I’m not going to watch a script that’s trying too hard and an actress that’s not trying hard enough for an hour and a half.  But if it’s up my alley, nothing knocks my mental and emotional socks off like a big screen experience.

That said, being immersed in the ideas and people of filmmaking for a week is the closest thing to heaven that I know.  What all the self help gurus and coaches say is true, get close to and involved in groups that are doing what you love.  It keeps your hope and spark alive and increases the odds you will get to do more of what you love.  I think the pressure now, instead of being “how do I get the funding?” is “now that there are no real obstacles to filmmaking, what will I do?”  The technology is available, people in the improv community in Austin will help anyone do anything creatively, and if I prioritize it, then the time will appear…

Zoikes.  I guess I just gave myself a homework assignment.  New project time.  Also finish editing and get out to festivals old projects time.

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