Over extended thoughts

turning over

Six hours of improv today, followed an hour of talking about improv. I am exhausted.
All day, I kept looking at how improv is taught and done, and thinking about what I want to do with it. I want to create worlds and teach people to create worlds. Same as writing, same as film.   Find ways to go into the worlds together with other people and explore them and see what happens.  Find stories, follow stories, share stories.  Find characters, follow characters, share characters lives.

I have been adapting the writing exercises from my class and book for actors and singers to use in learning to find those joyful true moments where you are just free and in the swing of your creation – it’s just flowing through you.  I keep thinking back to what got me there, the times I got there.  Trying to pinpoint what leads to that experience of being a part of creation, and it being easy and fun.  Honing a method to make that experience more consistent.  I know when I’m in it, but rarely know what got me there.  … Any ideas?  What gets you there?


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