A thinker

I was just reading a fellow improviser, Julie Gillis’, blog – www.juliegillis.com.
It was deeper than I generally get these days and made me think.
Quoting from it: “With improvisation, I’ve generally leaned towards storytelling and humor that comes FROM the story not jokes or gaggy riffs that take away from the character’s journey.”  Herumph.   I always intend to do this, storytelling and content and moving people and intimate stories are the bread and butter of what sends me as a human being, and what I want to do in art… but, when I’m on stage doing improv, I tend to grab the funniest thing I can think of and say it.  I have become quite the laugh whore.
I did do an experiment with some more honest characters and deliveries in a Dancy Street D’Orchestra rehearsal recently, and was relieved that I can be funny and honest. So, it’s a big goal of mine to head that way.  Still, I’m setting my expectations moderately, because when I am in front of an audience I tend to go for what I know.  I am expecting a 30 percent reduction in gagging and goofiness in phase one of my transformation to the improviser I long to be.

OK, quote number two from the Julie Gillis blog: “I’m considering that it’s time to narrow the space between the work I do artistically and the work I do professionally, to find the space where Art and Advocacy merge and it will be hard to tell which is which.”  Somehow this is phrased in a way that makes me think it’s possible, not just some pie eyed dream.  Well, that’s goal number two.  Again, with moderate expectation setting, let’s say this is a 2012 dream.

What’s your dream due date?

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