From “Leadership from the Inside Out” by Kevin Cashman

I’m reading this book, Leadership from the Inside Out, by Kevin Cashman, and I liked this section on personal mastery that pinpoints signs to help you recognize when you are acting from “Character” vs. reacting from “Coping.”


guided by:                                                                               guided by:

authenticity                                                                            image/recognition

purpose                                                                                     safety/security/comfort

openness                                                                                  control

trust                                                                                            fear

balanced concern for self and others                          concern for self

courage                                                                                     avoidance

inclusion                                                                                   exclusion

win-win                                                                                      win-lose

balance/centeredness                                                         anger

agility/resilience                                                                   resistance to change

peaceful presence                                                                uneasy presence

leader is bigger than circumstance                             circumstance bigger than leader

There are a lot of enlightened insights in this book about personal mastery, path finding and goal setting.   Not sure of the nitty gritty details how to make all the changes and achieve all the goals, but I guess the first step is awareness.



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