Writing again

I have a new writing project and I’m avoiding it.  Started off well and now I feel this irritation every time I think of it.  I looked at my book (a book I first wrote two years ago and published last spring) It Writes Itself today to get some ideas and encouragement. It reminded me to just keep writing, literally.  Just write every idea, every thought that crosses my mind while thinking about the fictional world.  (My self from two years ago was very encouraging).  I guess I’ll try again.  At least words will get written.  And I did like the idea of the project when I first had it.  “Like,” a novel about a nervous person’s experiences with people and with people through social networking.  The kind of insecurities that are better delved into in the words that go though your head, than the looks that go across your face – better suited to prose than drama.  I just don’t know if I’m suited to prose, I’m so used to writing dialog… but I guess I’ll give it another go.


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