A kind book review keeps you going

A very kind review of my book by Nanci at “Soap Box in My Mind”:


Non-Fiction: It Writes Itself; A Travel Guide to Writing Fiction, by Susannah Raulino

I am not a writer, but I have dabbled here and there. When this book, It Writes Itself, came up for review, I thought I’d check it out. I have to say that I am really impressed. This book is a great resource for people who want to explore writing fiction, but it is also good for those writers who might be blocked, or need to take a step back.

This book lays out very easy to understand principles which help a person tackle everything about writing fiction; from voice, to setting, to characters, and more. There are fun exercises addressing all things fiction to help new and established writers get the most out of their work.

There are 8 chapters in this book addressing the following:
1. Why Write? Where Write? And for Whom Write?
2. Meet and Get to Know Your Fellow Travelers, the Characters say “Hi”
3. Senses, Languages, Voice, and Point of View
4. Architecture and Nature
5. Histories and Culture
6. Situations, Actions, and Plots
7.Story Structures, Putting it All Together, and Chatting With Fiction
8. Rewards of Writing and Sources of Inspiration

This is not a work that explores topics in depth, but gives a surface exposure to get people going. I would consider this a first stepping stone, as opposed to a definitive work. Or, for established writers, I would consider this a refreshing step back in the process which may illuminate and inspire.

I really enjoyed the easy and uplifting prose of this instructional book. I found it to be a pleasant read with many great ideas that I will actually try to use when exploring the writer within me.

On a scale of 1-4, I give this book a 4. It is a highly user friendly book with pertinent and realistic information.

Published by Raulino Books
ISBN: 9780615345703

Thank you to Susannah Raulino for the gift of this book.
Posted by Soap Box in My Mind


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