Knowing when it’s time to write. Knowing when it’s time to stop.

For years I forced myself to write for seven hours a day.  Then, I would go through the arduous process of rewriting.  I would even post every scene of a screenplay on my wall, organizing them, creating foreshadowing, deleting repetitive scenes, etc.  This works, but there is a way to write that is a lot more fun.  Once I started trusting the characters and just writing down whatever they said and did, I found the works organically started foreshadowing things I had no conscious knowledge of. Even the endings of my screenplays come as a surprise to me now.   This is one of the reasons I believe creative works are fully formed somewhere in the ethers of creative thought before they are even written.  Or, perhaps I have a subconscious that keeps track of all ideas and organizes them for me in a nice order, fit for journeying through.  If I have this available to me, so do you.


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