Blogs 13 common errors, LinkedIn groups etiquette

Surfing all the links in the new LinkedIn groups I joined (and tried to join – was summarily rejected from “LinkEds & writers”), I learned that the most important thing you need to do in LinkedIn groups is never promote yourself.  Done.

I also came across this post about the 13 most common mistakes on blogs:

Quoting from it, here are the 13 common mistakes (note my picture above, soley because of this article):


1. Not posting frequently enough.
2. Content is not focused or optimized for the search engines.
3. Articles are too long.
4. Not linking profusely to sources. Links are the currency of the blogosphere.


1. No author name on the blog home page.
2. No author photo.
3. No subscription form; no way to get blog updates through RSS or email.
4. Readers can’t leave comments or have too many hoops to jump through.
5. Too many categories or none at all.


1. Blog isn’t listed in the 200+ blog directories.
2. Blog posts are not being syndicated to social networking sites.
3. There’s no call to action to buy the author’s book.
4. No contact information.

Which is interesting and and helps with blog format, but doesn’t help me understand the concept of blog content – except that it filled my blog post today!  one down, a life time (or however long ’til people tire of this kind of thing) to go…


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