Yes, Martha, you are a published author

Sold 5 copies of my book on so far and only 3 were to my mother.

It should feel more thrilling, I think. It feels good. Good is how it feels.

Sang and danced at 10 am today in the Hideout 41 hour improv marathon
Hour 19 was very fun. It was a musical hero’s journey to the laundromat.

I remember when I was meditating I had the revelation I was going to do only things I loved today. I can’t remember what they are. I need to make a list.
I watched Steve Jobs commencement address to Stanford. 

It made me feel like every moment of my life is being used completely incorrectly and I have no idea how to get back on track. In trying to check the spelling of his name I came across his resume
very funny. well not very funny, but if you know him, funny. funny ’cause it’s true.
His thing is “that vision thing.” What’s my thing? “that lost in the days going by and your dreams sitting in the closet on a shelf thing”  …
I think I’ll go make a list of things I love to do and see if I can do one this weekend. Well, I guess I did one at the Hideout. I love singing and dancing improv. It may save my life one day.


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